Agilent / HP 1100 1200 VWD D2 Lamp

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Description :

Next-generation deuterium lamps that deliver the high stability, high output, and long service life required for spectroscopy.

Long Life Deuterium Lamp (2000 hour)

Brand : LC Services

SC Part Number : HP-406H


OEM : Agilent
OEM Reference Number : G1314-60100
Compatible Model(s) :

1100 Series, 1200 Series, G1312B, G1314A, G1314B, G1314C, G1314D, G1314E, G1314F, G7114A, G7114B

Uses of Deuterium Lamps :

We supply Deuterium Lamps for HPLC and UV-Vis Spectrometers purpose. Apart from that Deuterium Lamps can be used ideally in pharmaceutical companies for testing purpose for:

  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Thin film measurement
  • Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
  • Laboratory light sources


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